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Michelle Turner RN

Michelle Turner RN

Psych; Hospice; Med/Surg
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Michelle Turner RN has 6 years experience and specializes in Psych; Hospice; Med/Surg.

RN license in Florida, live in Orlando

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  1. Michelle Turner RN

    Tested positive for dilaudid

    I just joined this site and posted a message, but can't find it and no one has responded I don't think. It's about addiction & IPN....can anyone find it and let me know if there are any responses? I did it on a thread..I'm a newbie, named Michelle Turner, you can look at my profile :)
  2. Michelle Turner RN

    License inactive due to relapse while in IPN

    Hello all :) I just signed up on here. :) Here's my story, along with a question at the end....I have been an alcoholic for the past 5 yrs. I was reported to IPN by an employer 3 yrs ago. I was immediately put in an IPN group along with a 5-year contract. I was in the group for about a year, then relapsed twice in the past 6 months. My IPN case was closed and sent to the Department of Health & Florida Board of Nursing. This happened about 2 weeks ago and I've been told I'll be sent a letter saying I can go before the board to re-instate my license and get back into IPN so I can work as a nurse. I've tried getting a regular job, been unemployed for 6 months, but either I'm over-qualified to do a mundain job, or because of the economy it's too hard to get hired (even McDonalds!) I went to nursing school to help people, and I love nursing, so I want to be able to practice again. I'm sober and go to two AA meetings a day, which has been a blessing to work on my sobriety. Question is, has anyone gone through this? If so, what did the board do to you? All I can do is fight for my license and my profession. :) I look forward to hearing from anyone out there :) Michelle, Orlando FL

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