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  1. biba23

    Dismissed from nursing school? Don't give up!

    hi can you please tell me how you got back in to the program...thank you
  2. ya i know that what i told one of my friend about the cuny schools. she asked the chair person she told her that they dont have a waiting list. anyways thank you a lot of your help wish you the best of luck. keep me up to date when you get accepted.
  3. but one of liu's representative told me that there no waiting list but i guess one semester isn'y bad at all like you said.
  4. ok thank you,i have taken some pre-request but still need more. i planning on transfering to hunter next semester cuz i dont like lehman. but to u think liu has a waiting list because i dont wanna waste any time. thanks
  5. im currently at lehman as well. but i checked liu course list and chem 3x is general chem while chem 4x is organic. i dont know if im mistaken or not.
  6. hi i have a question, im currently a student at a cuny school which i do not like so im trying to transfer to liu or another cuny school any advice. another option i have is to take my pre-request at a cuny and then transfer, but im scared if liu will take any of the classes i have taken. Also what is Chem 3x or 4x at liu

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