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  1. QueenMangin

    Has being a nurse changed your outlook on...

    Absolutely unequivocally emphatically YES! Seeing the invasive things we do to people on a daily basis because the family and doctor are unable to let go or even uninformed is horrible. Futile, undignified, painful procedures are not only disturbing but a gross misuse of resources. I always try to bring up hospice and palliative care options with families; they are not always receptive but sometimes I hope it at least gets them thinking.
  2. QueenMangin

    Thinking that nursing is not for me afterall. Advice, please.

    I am wondering how you are doing now? I just read your post and I can relate. I am awesome with patients and I'm very smart but I don't know if it's nerves or if I just don't "have" it but it seems so overwhelming the amount of knowledge required and all the additional tasks to complete. I worked on Tele for a year and a half. I'm working on my BSN now but wondering where I fit in in nursing and I just was wondering if it ever got easier for you or if you found a better specialty more suited to you. I think it must have something to do with our training? Else, how could we get through nursing school, pass boards, work at a job and still suck/be freaked out? lol.
  3. QueenMangin

    Total Disregard for Visiting Hours

    UGH! The FLOOR! ewww I can't even imagine what types of nasties are growing there...
  4. QueenMangin

    The education requirement for nursing is changing

    I know here in CA, they are already starting with the BSN/MSN preferred. It is hard to get into a hospital with just an ADN and little experience. I personally think that the "old" way of training in a hospital, then add the book stuff, would be a lot better. Most of the new grads I know and have trained with are completely unprepared and I think a lot of that has to do with so much time studying and preparing for the Boards and not enough focus on being comfortable at the bedside setting, practicing, practicing, practicing. That's just my two cents.
  5. QueenMangin

    Resume Critique please??

    Yeah I agree - lose the seminars. Lose the certifications, etc that aren't related to nursing/healthcare. Lose the jobs that aren't related to healthcare... in your cover letter, you can pump up your experience as a team leader, etc., which is very valuable. I know you're proud of your accomplishments but you need to clear out some of the clutter....
  6. QueenMangin

    Nurses please try to look a little more polished at work

    Ok, I'll take the bait. Yeah man, if you smoke - you have got to do that on the down low. Excessive perfume or cologne should be a no-no, especially like OP said when patients are already nauseated. Exploding hair or crazy hair color, I would only care about hair as it relates to infection control... you don't want to be doing wound cleaning and your hair is all over the place. What else was in there? Oh fingernails - yeah we are told to not ever wear nail polish and no no no fake nails - for increased risk of infection/transmission. Body odor, sometimes it can't be helped but I believe you got to tell someone, nicely, diplomatically - although some people have no control over that...
  7. QueenMangin

    I need help with my resume, please.

    Maybe summarize your work experience as it isn't relevant in itself... something like "10 years of customer experience, conflict resolution" or something like that? I haven't seen goals on a resume... you maybe could list those in the cover letter?
  8. QueenMangin

    I'm a nurse...for animals?

    I'm ok with her referring to herself as a nurse. She is a nurse. If she said she was an RN, then I'd have a problem with it.
  9. QueenMangin

    New Grad- I feel lost and I am scared!

    I graduated with an ADN from a "really good school" and my clinical experiences were terrible. Our instructors were responsible for up to 12 people on two different wings - it's was chaos and for me, it didn't work out well. I sort of managed to slip through the cracks without getting very much hands-on experience at all. We were supposed to have a preceptorship for our final rotation, which I think would have helped me a lot - but we never did. A lot of people were successful in clinicals and felt ready to start nursing. Me, I'm terrified. I passed all my classes easily and I know that I possess talents that you can't teach but it's the technical aspect that's causing me concern. I know the knowledge is in there - I just get nervous and tense up. I've been out of school now 5 months and have applied to so many new grad programs that I have to keep a spreadsheet of them all. I really believe with the proper support and encouragement, like the transition help you get in a new grad program would be excellent for me and bring out my abilities but those programs are only taking people with experience, with advanced degrees, with tons of certifications. In fact, to me, it seems like some of those people might be fine with a more traditional orientation and training. So I wonder are the hospitals focusing on the right people for these extensive training programs? What does that say about me? What happens to someone like me? I got into nursing because I wanted a career where I felt like I was doing something important, where I could advocate for patients, encourage people, educate communities, and continue to learn and grow. Is it possible that I managed to get into nursing school, get through it with honors and being well-liked and respected by my peers and instructors, but not really be "nurse material." Is that possible? I feel like I've made a big mistake. I feel like I want someone to hold my hand for a few weeks, really take their time with me and I know I would thrive under the encouragement but everyone says nursing isn't like that... it's sink or swim. So what happens to people like me? People who maybe want to wear a life vest for a little while? Does that mean we don't have the right stuff? Not sure what to do with this shiny new (getting older) degree.

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