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    RN to Paramedic in Canada

    Hi there, I cannot answer your question for you, but here is some helpful advice: 1) If your end goal is to become a paramedic, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME BECOMING AN RN!! Waste of time and money. I suppose it might improve your chances of getting hired as a paramedic, as there is a lot (and will be more) of competition out there. But if you become an RN, getting a job that pays more than a paramedic, should be easy. 2) Contact your potential employers and ask them whether they prefer a degree/diploma from one school over another. They are the ones who will be doing the hiring, and the ones making the decisions. 3) Contact the counties, governments, etc, who mandate what is required and recognized, IE: Taking your paramedics course through say Georgian College (or any community college that offers the course), as opposed to a privatized college, like Everest or CTS. Is your diploma worth anything? Again, contact your potential employers and see if they have any stigma against one college versus another. They may have hired a few people from one college or university and had some bad experiences, which will make them adverse to hiring from there again. 4) If your end goal is to become a paramedic, do not forget to do volunteer work. Volunteer as a firefighter (not all areas have volunteers though), or volunteer with St. John Ambulance as a Medical First responder... etc etc. Again, this field is competitive (as are Police Constables and Fire Fighters) and this volunteer work will improve your chances, and give you contacts. Hope this is helpful! :) Kind regards, Rob

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