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  1. ja071102

    Career/Educational Guidance Much Needed

    You are very kind to take your time to write this. Thank you so much. You've given me good ideas. Foot in the door, that's the ticket. What do you think about getting in the door as a CNA? I shudder at the thought (just the heavy lifting, that's all).
  2. Feeling completely lost. Am an LVN new grad. Job hunting for 1 year now. Should I: Go to Arkansas with my 6 mos temporary permit to get ANY kind of experience(jobs are available in LTC)? What happens to a new BSN graduate in So Cal with zero experience? What are these RN Graduate programs in hospitals and how do they work? Will jobs continue to be so scarce in the future? How can I get the guidance I need to make the most intelligent next step?
  3. ja071102

    California's 2010 New Grad RN Program

    I feel like I'm drowing and my dream is drowing with me. I'm a new LVN grad in So. Ca. Can't find a job, etc. Please someone advise me; Do I go to Arkansas with my 6 mo temp license and get experience? Do I get started on BSN at Indiana State University (online program). How do the new RN grad programs work at local hospitals? What is my smartest next step? I'm almost 50 yrs old so being on some waiting list for brick and mortar school not really an option. Indiana school supposed to be good and is accredited. Is this shortage of nursing jobs just going to get worse?

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