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  1. Absolutely. Please private message me with your contact details
  2. I'm looking for ACE students who are attending SCSU in August 2010. Would like to get together before August and have our own meet & greet. I'm sure we are a diverse bunch and it would be nice to see some familiar faces on day one, exchange any tips and tidbits we've heard and learned about the program ahead of time, and get a head start. Please drop me a line.
  3. SammyJ

    anybody from SOUTHERN?

    thank you so much for the advice! Which job market are you currently looking in? Is this the surrounding New Haven area?
  4. SammyJ

    anybody from SOUTHERN?

    I got into the ACE Program starting this August 2010 and I'm really interested in finding others who are also attending the program. I'd like to get to know some students and maybe get together this summer. It seems like such a small group and would be great to know someone ahead of time.

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