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  1. veronicaea

    Brevard Community College palm bay

    35 was the cut off for the waiting list. 36 points was the cut off to be accepted. I was thinking about Valencia or Keiser..... not sure.
  2. veronicaea

    Brevard Community College palm bay

    I called and they said 35 was the cut off, i had 34. :crying2:I've taken all the classes I can and have all the points i can earn.
  3. veronicaea

    Brevard Community College palm bay

    Congrat's!!!! I did not get accepted..... Do you know what was the minimum amount of points accepted?? Im so sad I did not get in. I will be applying for the cocoa campus.
  4. veronicaea

    TEAS 3.0/4.0 Study Manual

    I have a study guide I don't mind selling to you for $30.00. I'm in Florida, so let me know if you want it so I can get it to you ASAP. :)
  5. veronicaea

    Brevard Community College palm bay

  6. veronicaea

    Brevard Community College palm bay

    Are you going to school somewhere else now?
  7. veronicaea

    Brevard Community College palm bay

    Anyone apply to BCC the palm bay campus? Do you know how long it will take to get the results?
  8. veronicaea

    Need info on TEAS

    I take it this Tuesday.... :/ Good luck on yours!
  9. veronicaea

    Keiser Melbourne

    I'm not applying to keiser, I'm applying to BCC. Have you thought about BCC? is keiser a good nursing program? when is the deadline?
  10. veronicaea

    McGraw Hill TEAS study guide

    If you dont mind sending it to me. new_wakeboarder_girl@yahoo.com Thanks in advance!!
  11. I decided to retake micro this summer so I should have 36 points. I just hope I will get my grade in time before the deadline. Last micro class in aug 12th application deadline is aug 15th yikes. Then I will have all A's and B's. How many times can you retake the TEAS?
  12. I just called and the most point possible is 45. How many points do you have?
  13. I will have 31 points. Idont know if thats enough. I still have to take the TEAS test. I just found out that I'm moving to the other coast from Fort Myers and I don't know where I stand . This whole time i have been working to get into the Fort Myers program
  14. veronicaea

    BCC Cocoa

    I will be applying this Aug. Palm Bay. What's the most points you can get on the point system?
  15. I will be applying this Aug. what is the cut off number for points? do you know on average how many people apply? I'm from the other coast.

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