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  1. I have completed three years in a BSN program. I NEED advice on an alternative route to complete a Nursing program in order to sit for the NCLEX. I am looking for the quickest and chepest route since I already have three years completed and a lot of debt! I have not received a forward answer from anyone I have contacted, including the NJ State Board. Someone please...I need some advice!! This is still my dream and I am not willing to take no for an answer!
  2. I thought my situation was unique because I was going to be a Senior Nursing student and only had a year left. Many nurses that I have talked to thought that was bizarre! Thank you for your advice!!
  3. A have a very unique educational background and I would love some advice! After three years completed in a four year BSN program, unfortunately my GPA fell slighly lower than the required Nursing GPA. Going into my senior year, although devastated, I was determined to graduate on time. I picked up the major of Healthcare Management and will be graduating with my BS in just a couple of weeks!! As excited as I am to be graduating, I am determined to not give up on my dreams of becoming a nurse. However, with three years completed in a four year BSN program, I would like to know what I have to do to sit for my boards!! It would be preferrable if I did not have to return to school and start my Nursing education all over again, since I am already educated with three years. I have a copy of my Nursing file with excellent remarks in clinical from my Nursing Professors. Can anyone give me some advice?

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