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  1. jennyht25

    calc vs a&p

    I found calculus harder by far, but it may have been the profs I had because I breezed through precalc but had a really hard time with calc.
  2. I don't know your school's requirements but at my school they wouldn't even consider you unless you have all of the prerequisites completed.
  3. jennyht25

    Nursing school orientation -- Fall 2010

    I start on September 1st and my orientation was in June. My orientation was only 2-3 hours long. They gave us our schedules, book list, reading assignments, rules and regulations and a small tour of the nursing department.
  4. jennyht25

    Well, I got my syllabus today...

    Where do you see the pic of the syllabus? I don't see anything.
  5. jennyht25

    ATI PLAN Let me save you the time and $

    I was told that we had to buy it new because it has test codes that we need to have and if you buy it used the codes will not be valid anymore.
  6. jennyht25

    Nursing School Must Haves??

    my school recommended velcro also because the patch runs in the wash, so I would do whatever the school recommends. I don't think that the patch will fall off if you get a big enough piece of velcro.
  7. jennyht25

    Gender = advantage?

    At the orientation for my program there were a lot of men, more than I was expecting. I don't think that they look at the sex of the individual that is applying for the program, only at the requirements such as grades. I could be wrong but it seemed to be a pretty good mix.
  8. jennyht25

    I Got In!!!!

    That's great! Congrats!!!! I know I was so excited when I found out in May!! Good Luck!
  9. jennyht25

    I passed the NCLEX!

    Way to Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's awesome! good luck to you.
  10. jennyht25

    Is anyone attending Suffolk Community College

    I was accepted into the evening program at the Ammerman campus for the fall! :) For my clinicals I got St. Johnlands nursing home and St. Catherines. I am super excited and can't wait to start!!!
  11. jennyht25

    Is it okay to be in the same nursing class as a relative?

    My sister and I took all of our prerequisites together, we both got into our school's Nursing program for the fall and we got the same class schedule, we don't choose our schedule the school makes it. We are so excited to start the program together! I find that having class together benefits us greatly! Studying is so much easier and you have someone to keep you on track.
  12. jennyht25

    I want to be a nurse but I have a low GPA

    My school only takes the prerequisite gpa into account to get into the program and you can only take a prerequiste over one time. Check what rules your school follows so you know what you need to do to get into the program. Good Luck!
  13. jennyht25

    How difficult did you find pharmacology?

    www.Studystack.com is a good website to do flashcards on and you can play other learning games with the info you put on the cards!
  14. jennyht25

    Websites to get cheap books

    I just ordered a bunch of my nursing books on www.superbookdeals.com they had really good prices!

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