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  1. sarahmai

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    it really eased my mind for the 48hrs while waiting on my results!!! and it was true for both my friend and i! we both passed :anpom:
  2. The "trick" was right!!!! I PASSED :w00t: :clpty::dncgbby::hpygrp:
  3. so I did the PVT "trick" and got the "good pop-up" please tell me this is true...........
  4. is having many SATA a good thing???
  5. What exactly is the PVT?? is a website?
  6. Thank you... I will check that now
  7. This morning I took the NCLEX-PN. I got my wish and the computer shuts off at 85 questions.... but, these 85 questions were mainly SATA, Meds and Prioritize I just know I failed considering I was not confindent about any question ..... Please give me your honest opinion Thank you, Sarah Mai

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