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  1. madison817

    When to send home?

    There is a nurse on staff until 7PM; overnight and on weekends the boarding staff who are not RNs have protocols to handle the really minor things, as the boarders are high school age. If necessary simply ask their family to pick them up and we reassess them on their return.
  2. madison817

    When to send home?

    Ill boarders would go to their actual home, if it is an international student they have a supporter (relative) nearby that they have to list, and if they don't have one of those, there is a program that they pay for that assigns them a supporter.
  3. madison817

    When to send home?

    Hello everyone! New school nurse here for a half boarding school (high school boarders, JK - HS population). I've done a few orientation days and I love it but I think it's challenging to know when to send a child home versus having them return to the health centre later on for reassessment. I think some things are obvious but the grey area ones, are the tricky ones. How do you discern? From what it looks like, you ask the parents what they want to do, but I imagine some parents won't be so informative or easily adaptable.
  4. Hey everyone! I am months away - October to be exact - from graduating from York U's RN program (Toronto) and am strongly considering starting my RN career by the end of the year in Vancouver, BC. Does anyone have any similar experiences? In particular, I am looking for New Grad programs in BC to help ease the transition into the workforce. Providence Health Care, Vancouver Coastal Health, Fraser Health are the only ones I can find online. Are there others? Does anyone have any experiences with New Grad programs? Thank you guys! xx

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