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  1. independentRN916

    Interview at WellStar--possibly relocating to Marietta

    Can you ask your landlord how much they pay new grads? What kind of unit does she work on? Would she be willing to answer some other questions about wellstar?
  2. independentRN916

    Wellstar Kennestone

    what about Cobb hospital? What does anyone think of working there? Anyone know what new grads start at with WellStar?
  3. independentRN916

    Considering GA

    Yellow Finch...do you still work for WellStar? I am coming down to GA next week for an interview and I have so many questions about the company and also I have no clue what the starting rate is. I'm applying for the nurse residency program, but I will have 6 months experience as an RN. Please let me know what you know about the company as soon as you get a chance!
  4. independentRN916

    Nursing Shortage in Atlanta?

    Kukajoo--what hospital do you work for? Any idea how much new grads make in that area?
  5. independentRN916

    Interview at WellStar--possibly relocating to Marietta

    Are you enrolling in the nursing program as a student, or are you already a nurse? What do you mean they pay really well? What does the average new nurse get paid in that area? Up here, a new RN at a hospital will start at $19.75-$20/hr. Do you like it in Marietta? What are some things we should see/do while we're down there?
  6. I currently live in the mid-west and will be coming down to GA to interview for an RN position at a WellStar facility. Actually, it's the nurse internship program starting next fall. Does anybody know about this program? I need details! Anybody have an idea of the pay? Details on relocation? Also, I don't know anything about WellStar Windy Hill or Cobb Hospitals. What are they like? We will be coming down to Marietta in a few weeks to check it out...anything we should go see in particular? Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

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