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  1. momof3rascals

    Back to work after a loss of pregnancy...

    Elvish, I am very sorry for your loss. Just wanted to share. You are not alone. I went through four losses in a row. I had a sister pregnant just a week apart from me on the first one and countless other friends whose pregnancies came and went without incident while I went through first a miscarriage and then infertility and then three ectopics. Every emotion a person could experience I did, during that process, and a lot of them made me feel quite guilty especially the jealousy. Hopefully, you won't beat yourself up over such things-it's all normal and probably better to feel than not to although the emotional journey I took has definitely involved times of numbness. Basically you can't fight grief-you're going to feel what you're going to feel but on your own timetable. Don't be surprised when feelings you thought you had gotten past jump back out in front and surprise you. Here I am four years past these events and still processing, still finding myself jealous sometimes of those who have never been through any of this. There will be an end to the intense pain you are feeling although I'm not sure the processing ever does end. And for me part of coming out on the other side of all that grief was finally having a successful pregnancy. The joy of that really did outweigh the sadness; and the things I went through made my new blessing that much richer. You will be there too and I am truly sorry for what you are going through now.
  2. momof3rascals

    Christian medical missions to Haiti - HELP!!

    Just want to send you some support. I think this is more about making a human connection and not about a cost/benefit analysis. You can't measure in dollars how much it might mean to someone that you encounter and encourage. And you can't measure what this might mean in your own life and how it might affect your decision to go back again and again and form lasting relationships with people in Haiti and with those serving long term. A lot of times those who have been there for awhile are lonely and burnt out and really get an emotional lift out of someone visiting even if that person can't contribute a whole lot. Plus bring a bagful of things that are hard to ship down. I was born and raised in Haiti and my parents were missionaries there so that is where my perspective comes from.
  3. momof3rascals

    Christian medical missions to Haiti - HELP!!

    I have a friend who works in Haiti as a PA. Her husband is an eye doctor and they work with another doctor as well and other medical staff. She has done just about everything from pulling teeth to delivering babies. Feel free to check out her blog. http://tinhaiti.blogspot.com/ I know they have groups come down and help them out. And bless you for wanting to help.
  4. momof3rascals

    Does anyone have a good site/advice for breastfeeding?

    I breastfed two babies and got a lot of clogged ducts with the first which it sounds like you may have. It definitely makes sense though to go to the doctor and find a lacatation specialist that can actuallly look at you and see what is going on. For clogged ducts a baby nursing is a lot better than the pump-although sometimes I would pump the problem breast while the baby nursed on the other breast because it helps the milk flow. Then massage around. After awhile you can discover which parts of your breast flow out of which ducts, notice where any hard spots are and sometimes see a white spot on the nipple where it is clogged. To avoid them in the future I learned to nurse baby on one side until it was completely soft, burp baby, then offer the other side. Often mine weren't at all interested in the other side but regardless of how long they nurse on the second side-offer the second side first at the next feeding and do the same thing-feed off that breast until it is totally drained. Alternating breasts (every 10 minutes or so) works when you don't seem to have enough milk because it keeps stimulating them, but when you've got plenty and you're not getting them adequately drained it doesn't make sense to encourage over production. Also don't wear tight fitting or underwire bras and don't let yourself get too run down-these things all contributed to clogged ducts for me with the first baby. Also I wasn't real comfortable nursing in public so I'd find myself nursing in uncomfortable places like in a changing room, cramped in the car or even a bathroom stall-none of which helps with relaxing and getting the breast drained real well. It was better for me to hold off on those kind of outings until the nursing had become well established. Anyway, I hope you get some advice that helps and stick with it because it can be so wonderful when it's going well.

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