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lovalovett specializes in Cardiac, Med-surg, Oncology.

Was a Teacher, K, and 1st grade....My Mother is a nurse, grandmother is a nurse, and my aunts are nurses, My uncles, one is a nurse one is a Dr. one is a Rx and another is a barber, One who has been in GQ....I was a teacher who became Ill, and got lost within the School boards Bureaucracy and saw first hand how the system to help children actually hindered their learning and the children who get t lost to in the bureaucratic BS, So I decided to do what was surrounding me. I went to school and Got my AS:) I was meant to be nurse, and I knew that as soon as I took my first nursing class....!!

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  1. lovalovett

    How long do you have to take the NCLEX in Mississippi

    Just so u all know you can take it 6 times in 2 years every 45 to 90 days then remedial which is 90 hrs clinical 90 hrs didactic or class time which is for most colleges the board deems fit to provide to those who need it a CE [COLOR=#444444] Course and is around 2000 not including books needed....and the few I looked up they only do class 1x a week on a weekend or nighttime and usually takes about a year.....Thanks again.
  2. lovalovett

    How long do you have to take the NCLEX in Mississippi

    Thanks to All received my answer the very, very hard way by calling. Seems they have moved they updated their web page and seems that moved to a new building too!! Its a beautiful 4 story building and they reside in sweet 300 something........I feel so bad for all the nursing students who must actually DRIVE yes DRIVE to the building to get finger printed by their lovely staff. The person who answered the phone yes actually ANSWERED the phone a real person...no recordings no asking to press 1 or 2 for this, or that, which surprised me!!! Then I stated why I was calling and was only halfway threw when this sarcastic person gave me my answer "2 years" then actually hung up on me!!! I called back and by the hundredth time, the man who hug up on me picked up again and said"oh its you" and then said I told you the answer and if you could read you would not only see but now know the answer" I said "I just wanted to make sure, and your site is down. There is nothing to read except the lovely new sites Home Page." he then said "whatever here talk to the head of our board" and actually passed the phone to the head of the Nursing Board who sits just a few feet from the man who so politely answer's the phone !!! I was floored.....he actually pass the phone,"Here"he said :***: Just so you know she was nice!!!But when he actually passed the phone that was the moment my heart just sunk, and went out to anyone and everyone who is going to, or wants to, get their licence in Mississippi ....I thank you to all who replied and tried to answer my post :) 2 was and is the magic number!!
  3. Need a study buddy who wants to join up and attack the test, lol. Have Failed before, so would be nice to have someone who is not a first time taker, but will be up for anything, thanks guys. Just post email if interested!!!
  4. OK, I have just moved to this state from Florida. I graduated in December 2009. I need to know what the time limit, if any, that the state gives you to take the NCLEX test here for the first time. It will be 4 yrs since I graduated this December, and I want to make sure that I wont have to take some remedial class. I cant seem to find the answer online. Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Did you use the same ones over and over, because that would bother anyone to keep re-writting the same stuff over and over. Care plans are to be different for every client, I do relize that there are diagnosises we can use over and over for all of our client but its finding the best that fits with your client at that time, and what you think is most important that counts. The more you use the more you learn, change things up a bit dont just use the same old same old....no teacher will knock you as long as you have justified and shown why its important for your client.
  6. I see that there are many of you that say there are no care plans in the real world of nursing.....I do not understand what u mean....? Everyday you work as a nurse and with a client you are one way or another doing a care plan...you have a method to your madness when working with clients, you assess and treat and do what is needed for your client and when one thing does not work you change and go on to the next we do it over and over and we each have our own style and to be honest even in our charting there are care plans...never seen a hospital yet that didn't have that screen where we have to open or update such thing as risk for infection, or impaired comfort, and if you dig a bit deeper into some of those screens it even gives you references to where they took their NANDA from.....have fun with them explore all the unique diagnosis's for your clients impress yourselves and you will impress your instructors...

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