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  1. MalditangNurse

    ospital ng sampaloc

    hei guys im back. wow there'e been a lot of new stuffs here. @maarteng nurse....yes finally good news @ valium and maarte...totally agree. we really work hard for it so we should fight for what we deserve now let me share what i know. some dude from batch 4b i think got appointment papers even if hes not yet on duty.still waiting for schedule. met him when i went to city hall.said he was called last april.but papers not signed yet by mayor lim.asked city personnel they said we just need to wait for their call by july. i asked if they really follow the ranking.tehy said they dont divulge infos like that anymore. i gave them a quirky smile. btw im in the 60-70 rank. my batchmate texted me that someone she knows from the batch that has papers but not yet having duty (guess there are alot who have been given item already) inquired about her name and was told by the city personnel that she will be called upon july. thats what she said according to the guy he knows who has a backer in the city hall. shes ranked 85. so if she gets hired. we'll be hired too. right? i'll kip you posted guys. kudos to us. peace out
  2. MalditangNurse

    ospital ng sampaloc

    a batchmate told me that they are still waiting even though they were given appointment papers already they still are not having duty in sta ana. batch 2 hiree. they are not even passed the promoboard stage. now my staff nurse firned form binondo told me that the news circulating there is by may 15 they will resume for sta ana the hiring and assumption (paperworks on when is your salary date ) and appointment papers (what position will you have) lets see what happens....goodluck to all of us. anyone who ranked in the top 100? 51 onwards?

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