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    George Mason University Nursing department

    Hey everyone - I am trying to get into the GMU nursing program as well, in couple of months. In order to get in, it is very difficult to get in as a transfer student. Out of about 700 applicants only 100 will possibly get in - regardless of how well your GPA is. Don't be discouraged though, there is always a chance. Most of them are chosen from George Mason because a lot of George Mason student who are chosen declare their Major as Nursing from their Freshman Year. If you go to GMU's information session, they will tell you straight forward to always have a back up plan just in case you don't get in and that they do give some what of a priority to George Mason students over a transfer. That being said, it really is no surprise. I just think the chances of getting in is higher if you are a George Mason student. Good Luck! :)

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