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  1. Jenn27may

    RN who has not worked

    I passed the board in Sept 2015. I have always kept my nursing license active and recently renewed my Texas nursing license. I have extremely limited experience working as an RN. I did flu clinics two years in a row which is seasonal and not true patient care. I never thought I would not be working as a nurse all this time. After I graduated and passed the boards my husband and I got married and moved. Then we started a business and shortly after that had a baby. I want to get into nursing at some point but I’m nervous because of the gap and not only that I never really had any experience to begin with. I guess I’m wanting to know if I’m the only one out there like this or if anyone has advice on the matter
  2. Jenn27may

    Trying to endorse to texas RN

    I jbecame an RN 09/2014 in Ohio. I recently moved to Texas and applied for endorsement. They issued me a temp license until all requirements met. I completed all requirements 05/31/15. I started checking on my perm license and nothing so I called and they sent a letter which I never received stating the issue as to why they didn't issue my perm licenses. They told me they couldn't see the reason over the phone. I have a minor driving situation from 2006 where I was arrested for driving on a suspended for no insurance. I got a lawyer and took care of that. I was never charged with anything. That is the only thing in my life I have ever got in trouble for. Is this enough to not get my Texas nursing license? I'm panicking!!!
  3. Is there anyone who has any advice on getting into either a BSN or Associate RN program. I would love to go to KU and intend on applying in July for Fall of 2011. From my research I have not heard or seen the best things regarding KCKCC nursing program. I checked out the Board Of Nursing State of Kansas web site where they post the passing rate for every RN/BSN program in the state from 2004-2009 and they had the worst passing rate in the state practically! Doing pre-reqs there is fine though. I have a 3.5 and I have almost all my pre-reqs done which means Iam also about to receive my AS degree. Like I said above I would like to go to KU. I have been a CNA for 10 years this year. I started that when I was in HS at 16. I have not worked as a CNA in the last couple years but I have 8 years working experience in Elderly Care, ICU, Med Surg, OB, Rehabilitation, Adult Psychiatric, I have even worked at KU via my staffing agency in there Asthma & Allergy Clinic, Neurology Clinic and Anesthesiology Pain Clinic. I do NOT have any volunteer experience but I believe I have proven committed to Nursing, Ive never even taken a college class that did not have to do with the nursing major. After reading how hard it is to get in everywhere Im nervous I wont even be able to get into an associate program any where unless I move or something. Does anyone have any advice?

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