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  1. Spacegirl123

    USF CA CNL Spring 2011

    hi guys, I heard that this cohort there were more than 600 applicants for 38 spots!! can you believe it?? so don't feel bad that we didnt't get in. And those who god in: great job!! you deserve it!! good luck to all of us!!
  2. Spacegirl123

    USF CA CNL Spring 2011

    UClover, yeah, I will re-apply in February. Would you go to USF rather than SMU? Either way you are going one of those places :) how many times did you apply to both schools before SMU accepted you?
  3. Spacegirl123

    USF CA CNL Spring 2011

    I was just curious: did anyone on this forum get good news?
  4. Spacegirl123

    Samuel Merritt ELMSN-CM Oakland 2010

    Are all of you got your acceptance/rejection letters? I still haven't got anything. And noone returns my voice calls

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