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  1. winnie_the_pooh

    Hong Kong in Need of Nurses

    You need to be registered with the nursing council of HK, just check their site and all the requirements are there. written and practical exam is held once a year. Last submission of requirements is end of sept. or oct. but I'm not sure..You also need to learn cantonese or mandarin...
  2. winnie_the_pooh

    Genesis Medical Center ---don't fall for this SCAM

    Thank you for sharing us your experience but next time try to be professional...there are other nationalities who might be reading this forum. Don't use shortcuts;)
  3. winnie_the_pooh

    Has anyone heard of Alda Staffing?Elow

    don't waste your time and money...i had a bad experience with this agency
  4. winnie_the_pooh

    Has anyone heard of Alda Staffing?Elow

    hello nrskaren thank you so much for this info...or should i say evidence...i applied with this agency through websearch for a possible job in canada...they are responsive at first but after paying a fee, the communication stopped...don't waste your time and money with this company...i want to file a complaint but i don't know who to contact with...

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