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    Need career advice really bad

    i am not a nurse yet but i want to become one but i don't know how i should get started next year i am going to a voc school they have many health programs like Hemodialysis Technician ,EMT ,LPN an Surgical Technology i was thinking about taking there LPN program an then going to a college to become a RN is this a good idea because i talk to a RN at the hostpital i volunteary at an he said i should not do that i should just go in as a RN an not do the LPN because LPN are not as use as much any more but i am only in highschool so i cant go to college yet i have one more year of highschool but since i got good grades an whatever i can go to the voc school an its going to take about a year i think to pass from the school to become a LPN is that a good idea or should i take another program like EMT or surgical tech or etc an then go to college an do my RN or would it be good an easy or whatever to become a LPN an go to college an become a RN is is less work if i am already LPN like would i skip some class or what i need some advice about this i have no idea what i should do ? SORRY FOR MY SPELLING I DIDNT SPELL CHECK I FORGOT AN I WAS RUSHING KIND OF DOING OTHER STUFF an i dont feel like fixing it you should know what i mean though

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