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  1. elyse.m.

    BSc in Chemistry -> BSc Nursing

    I'm only still thinking of applying to programs so it's not like I'm a nurse or anything, but I'd say it really is up to YOU. Would you feel better with a bachelor's in Cell Bio b/c honestly if you are doing the 4-yr program it really won't matter except for some of the classes might be easier for you, or you might not have to take some if they transfer over some of your science credits. I think it really is how you feel about it, it might be nice to have the bachelor degree in Cell Bio incase you find to don't like nursing, gives you something to fall back on. On the other hand if you think you're not doing well enough to get into nursing school next year than you might wanna jump on the train! lol Will you be trying to graduate with honours? ie: do an honours year (4th year). Because ( I dunno how it is for science, but I have a BAH in Classical Studies) but you could apply to graduate with just 3yr degree can you do that in science? Or is too rigid? In humanities subjects you can graduate after 3 years with a BA (as opposed to a BAH - the 4th year is your "honours" year and you are admitted based on your average, if you don't obtain the average then tough luck you don't get admitted to your honours year and don't get a BAH no matter if you've taken the same amount of courses as a person with a BAH). If you can get something for your 3 years of study you could do that, and that way you have at least something for your time and many universities have degree upgrade programs where you can upgrade to a full honours degree later on in life if you find it you want to.
  2. Hi, I'm an undergraduate student and I've been thinking a lot lately about becoming a nurse. I have a degree in classical archaeology and I currently working on a degree in English Lit. I don't yet have the pre-req's from high school required to enter any nursing program but I'm working on getting them through distance ed (I just need gr 12 bio and chem). I'm mostly interested in these schools: Queen's, Brock, McMaster, and Humber and I was wondering if anyone on here has gone to any of these schools for nursing and how they found it, what were the courses like, did you get a good range of placements etc etc. I know there are probably a lot of these posts and I'm sorry but I didn't want to scour the forms looking for a similar one. So please I'd love to know your thoughts and experiences. I did do my 1st degree at Queen's so I know in general a bit about it, but nothing about the nursing program in particular. And yes I have looked at all the website thoroughly, but I want to know real people's opinions and not propaganda from the the school :)
  3. elyse.m.

    BSc in Chemistry -> BSc Nursing

    Like everyone else has said...if You have a BSc in Chem you should be able to do an accelerated program, all the accelerated programs are a bit different in term of requirements but in general they require you to have already taken certain courses like physiology, you should look at the schools you are thinking of websites to find the requirements for the accelerated programs or just ask them directly.
  4. elyse.m.

    BScN vs. BScN (Hons.)

    without the hons. it means you won't have properly finished your degree. It means you will have a general degree and not an hons. degree which basically means you'll have wasted your time b/c a general degree is not worth anything in and of itself.
  5. If she want to becomes an RN, she has to do a BScN. This is how I'm gonna assume it works... your friend will have to take Grade 11 University Prep Bio and Chem and Math, then she will need to take Uni Prep Gr 12 Bio and Chem and Math (if she doesn't have the math). Once she finishes and wants to send her transcripts I'm assuming she will need to contact ILC and request her transcripts. If they do not send them out, she will have to have them sent to her. MAKE SURE THEY ARE SEALED WITH A STAMP OR SIGNATURE OVER THE OPENING, then she will have to send them to the places she is applying. And yes she will need her other high school transcript.

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