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  1. hcatmc

    NYU Accelerated BSN Fall 2010

    Hi all - Starting the Fall program and sooo excited! Going to school in NYC, it can't get better than that! First off, if NYU is the school you want to go to, don't worry about the money. Where there is a will, there is a way. :) There is so much money out there for nursing students you just have to look. Apply for all the scholarships you can, but don't worry so much about it. Most hospitals have signing bonuses and you can join the Army Reserve Corps and get up to $30,000 repayment for loans. Plus you'll be making bank working as a nurse. Stop worrying about money everyone!!! Housing wise, I'm reserving University housing and if something becomes available apartment wise that is better then I might live there, but I don't want to be stuck in the city without a place to live. So I strongly suggest at least sending in the $300 deposit to reserve housing. It's NYC and housing is expensive and challenging to procure. My aunt has lived in the city for over 30 years and strongly recommended university housing as did two friends of mine who graduated from NYU. Regarding class size, I've spoken with Admissions and lectures are 100 people but all labs and practicums are like 20 people. You will learn the information because you study hard not because of the size of the class. Also, they accepted about 168 students from the first round of applicants and my contact at Admissions told me they would accept another 100, and the school would start with about 170 students for fall for the accelerated program. Also to let you know that you will have to have a physical and blood titers done before August 1st so you can do your fall clinical. I don't think my health insurance covers it. The clinic I spoke to will charge around $600 for everything. Titers are expensive. So start preparing for that expense so you aren't shocked when you need to pay for that in the next month or two. Also, I have had nothing but great experiences with everyone at NYU. Lindsay emails me back practically instantly with any question I have. And I left a message for a housing person and got a call back the next morning and got my issue handled. So I've had a great experience. NYU is a very big school so you have to understand bureaucracy and know how to be great with people and follow-up, but I've been nothing but happy with everything. Hope this helps people with questions. Good luck!
  2. hcatmc

    NYU Accelerated BSN Fall 2010

    Yep, I submitted right at the end of February to meet the March 1st deadline. The April 1st deadline hasn't been told yet about their admissions. I would guess you would hear in the next month or so. Good luck!
  3. hcatmc

    NYU Accelerated BSN Fall 2010

    Hi ANA1, I just got accepted into NYU's program and am starting in the fall. It look me three semesters plus a 6 week winter session to get all my prereqs done. Winter sess - Nutrition Spring - Chem and Anatomy Fall - Physio and Psych Spring - Micro, Stats and Lifespan You could probably do it faster but I work part-time to support myself right now. Depends on if you need classes for prereqs. I had to take Psych 1 before I could take Lifespan. I'm super excited to start! Don't let the money scare you. There is SO MUCH money to be made in nursing and there are so many loan forgiveness programs out there. Do not let yourself engage in a conversation of scarcity. Be talking about and creating abundance in your life! You only live once and to attend NYU and live in New York City while you're young is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Go for it! Save up before you go, pay off credit cards, car loans, etc. And then have a blast studying and partying in NYC!

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