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  1. SarahZ

    Thinking of a Career Change to Nursing

    This spring I am graduating with a BS in Env Sciences. Guess what? No jobs! I think the job dilemma is everywhere and has effected every career field. Even the public schools here in Wake Cty, NC are on a hiring freeze. This is the fastest growing public school system in the state! You know it is getting bad when teachers can't find jobs (at least that is the case here anyway). Unless you have years of experience it is very difficult to find entry-level positions, even if you are offering free services (ie- UNPAID INTERNSHIPS!!!). I am considering nursing because of the lack of human interaction within the Env Science field. As I stated in another post, trees don't exactly talk back... Some may think this is absurd but until you try your hand at field/lab work, don't argue. It was too late in my degree for me to change once I realized it was not quite my calling. But until I get into a nursing program, I will have to practice my wind whispering...
  2. SarahZ

    anyone else changing careers to go into nursing?

    I am so glad to have found this blog! This May I will be finishing my BS in Environmental Science and have known for the past year that it is not my calling. I worked previously as a dental assistant and was considering going into nursing but let others talk me out of it before applying to my current undergrad major. Now, I know that you have to listen to your heart and not what others tell you when they are trying to detour you from what you feel you are really meant to do. I miss working with patients all day and being busy. I do not like field work and sometimes wish the trees would talk back and at least tell me "thank you" for helping conserve them. In the environmental field, it is diverse and you don't really have to sit at a desk all day. But, it requires lab work, intensive research, and hardly any human interaction. Time goes by really slow while working in the field or lab. So, with this being said, next fall I will be starting my pre-req's for, hopefully, acceptance into an accelerated BSN program. Has anyone finished a program like this? It takes four semester but it consists of two summers, fall, and spring semester. Roughly a year to finish. I am not sure what nursing field I would like to work in yet. Does anyone have a suggestion of how to figure this out? Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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