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  1. christnova13

    University of the Virgin Islands??

    Do you like it there? I'm looking to apply there and am just nervous that I wont like the big change seeing I'm from MA and will be very far away from home. I'm nervous that its almost too far.
  2. christnova13

    University of the Virgin Islands??

    How do you like being there? What's the experience like?
  3. christnova13

    University of the Virgin Islands??

    Hi, I'm a junior in High School and the one college that I have wanted to go to now for a while has been University of the Virgin Islands. I obviously would be going to become a nurse but I live in MA and going far away to a place where I've only been for vacation seems like a great idea now but what will actually happen? If any one attending UVI would please contact me reply or something because I would LOVE to know more about the college and the experience you get going so far away. PLEASE help me!!!

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