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    New-ish nurse dilemma

    As a new nurse, would you rather go into a reputable hospital on a floor you don't want to be on, and nightshift which you don't want either but use it as a foot in the door type of thing. Or take the job in a "crappy" hospital on the floor you want and schedule you like? I'm so torn. Thanks for your input.
  2. I could really use some advice regarding the right nursing school for me. I'm at a community college here in California. Some of my grades aren't great...but I can always change to a different community college and transfer the decent grades. Money isn't much of an issue because my family is willing to loan me money. The perfect school/program for me is a place that isn't too difficult to get into and hopefully no waiting list. I'm interested in a BSN but would like the option of transferring to another program in the possible future. It's also important that the degree and all is good for out of state. What should I be looking for? Some of my peers aren't even trying in state because of the waiting lists. Are there any good schools in CO or OR? I looked into West Coast College and it sounds perfect except the price is awfully steep but what's deterring me from that school is some of the negative comments on here about the school, and it just sounds too good to be true. Any advice? I'm a caring person so I know this is one of the best fields I can flourish in but all this schooling business is discouraging Thanks guys... Jenny

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