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  1. Jessalyn015

    CHOC interview

    Has anyone who applied to the CVICU or Med/Surg heard from them yet?
  2. Jessalyn015

    CHOC interview

    So has anyone heard from CHOC yet? I applied to the CVICU and haven't heard anything yet....anyone else in the same boat?
  3. Hi All, So I'm graduating in June with my BSN and looking to come back down to SoCal to be near my family. I've applied to CHOC RN Residency Program, Hoag, Loma Linda and UCI. Does anyone have any advice on these hospitals and how competitive they are to get into? Also, about how long do you need to wait to hear from them, especially if the posts are still up? I've heard mixed advice on calling to get updates and letting know how interested you are. Any advice would be so greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  4. Jessalyn015

    California's 2010 New Grad RN Program

    Hey All, So I applied to the RN Residency program at CHOC. Does anyone know how competitive it is? Or how long it takes to hear back? I applied like the first day the positions opened and have my BSN. Any info would help! Thanks!

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