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  1. NewABSNStudent

    Queens Accelerated BSN Students

    KM, Thanks for your reply! I'm glad to hear that the interview wasn't all that bad. I just hope that I can relax and be myself. I do have to do the essay portion right after the interview, so I'm hoping I don't draw a blank. I'm usually pretty quick on my feet, but there's a lot of money riding on this. I'm so happy to hear that you survived the program. I have a friend in it right now, and I know she's so excited that you guys are graduating next week! I have heard that the first semester was the hardest because it's such an adjustment. Didn't your class lose something like 6 people? I bet the fast pace helps the time fly by. When do you plan to test for your license? Do you feel ready? Congratulations on making it through! Thanks again for the information, AW
  2. NewABSNStudent

    Queens Accelerated BSN Students

    Hi KM, I am a candidate for the Harris Nursing Scholarship and I have my interview and essay on Friday. I was just wondering if you have any helpful hints or tips from your interview last year. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks, AW

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