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  1. PrincessPeanutsMommy


    This was many years ago (15), but actually, we were required to be topless to practice breast exams on each other. We were paired with one other same-sex partner and we both hated every minute of it. I think if I was going through the program now, I would protest stronger and NOT do it. I got over it, and barely remember it now, but it was very anxiety-producing at the time. Good luck and remember they can't make you do anything of that sort--you need to consent to it.
  2. PrincessPeanutsMommy

    William Paterson Accelerated Nursing

    It's been a while since I've attended there, and I'm not sure if the program has changed much, but I would say get to know your profs through their office hours, ask lots of questions, ask for help when you need it and try your best! Same as with any other school If you can get involved in the class officers and be a delegate for the NSNA, I had a blast driving to New Orleans my senior year with my friend--we learned a ton, met so many people and really enjoyed it. Good luck!
  3. PrincessPeanutsMommy

    Question about that pesky admission essay - MSN

    I had one essay to do and they only called it a "personal statement". I answered it in the standard format that we all learned in HS English, lol. It was hard answering such a broad question, but I hope I came up with a good answer...only time will tell, right?
  4. PrincessPeanutsMommy

    Please Help-Ramapo or William Paterson?

    Congratulations and good luck!
  5. PrincessPeanutsMommy

    MSN PNP--Rutgers or Seton Hall?

    I am in the process of applying to these programs. Assuming I get into both--does anyone have any thoughts positive/negative for either one?
  6. PrincessPeanutsMommy

    Please Help-Ramapo or William Paterson?

    I am a graduate of WPU's nursing program and I felt VERY prepared for working in the hospital afterwards. The teachers were great, really listened to the students, the exams were hard, but working is harder ;-) I passed the NCLEX with flying colors and am preparing for my masters now. Good luck!
  7. PrincessPeanutsMommy

    William Paterson Accelerated Nursing

    I did not attend this particular program, I went transferred in there and completed my BSN there as my first degree, but I wanted to say that I had a fantastic experience there, the teachers were fabulous and I highly recommend the program. It's only growing and becoming better and better each year. Good luck!

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