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  1. Will-B

    Should I become an lpn first or just go for ASN?

    My plan is to be an NP. So I will definitely be getting my BSN.
  2. Will-B

    Should I become an lpn first or just go for ASN?

    Thank you all for your responses! They are all very valued. I know that in this time, things have changed a bit. I really want to be a nurse and since I have all my paperwork into the ADN program that I plan to go to, I will wait to see if I get accepted. I will find out in the middle of February. If I can't get in there, I will re-evaluate. Thanks!:)
  3. Will-B

    Should I become an lpn first or just go for ASN?

    Thank you. I am pretty much in an ASN program now. Just waiting on acceptance letter. The lady said I'm basically in. I just didn't know if getting the lpn would be better to get a job in this economy and situation. I plan to get my bsn but need to start working as soon as possible. Thanks again.
  4. I live in northen Indiana. My question is, would it be beneficial for me to get my lpn before I get my RN? This way I could be getting some sort of experience while I'm getting my RN. I am ready to start a program fall 2011. All pre reqs are done. Just curious to see what everyone thinks. Thanks in advance.
  5. Will-B

    ITT RN Program

    Chrissy, thanks for your sharing your experience. Now I am wondering, do you have a job? What part of Indiana do you live in? I know that in south bend, there is a school that has an lpn program that is not liked by employers in the area. I'm wondering how ITT Tech is valued in the community?
  6. Will-B

    Ivy Tech Fall 2011

    This is very interesting. I heard that these changes are state wide so good luck finding other campuses.
  7. Will-B

    I'll probably find out soon enough, but I'm curious...

    Thank you for asking this. I have appreciated reading what the experienced nurses have replied. As I am just starting too, this "was" a concern of mine too.
  8. Hello all. Does anyone know if Ivy Tech South Bend has a cna program? I am looking to start the nursing program next year but would like to work as a cna while in school. ( Maybe weekends). Do you know how much it costs and how long the cna program is? Could I still work while getting my cna cert? Thanks everyone in advance.

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