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  1. I will pre-read all assignments, have questions ready to ask during appropriate time during lecture, and also (and I suggest you beginners take this to heart) go into it as if it were a job. It is our job to complete nursing school.. not just a continuation of High School, or another general degree.. If you can't do your "job" now, how are your going to do it after graduation! I'm going in with a new attitude. Not gonna show up in sweats.. jeans and a nice top will be ok, but this will be my job for the next year and 1/2 and if we dress seriously, maybe we can take our "job" more seriously. Also, instructors may take notice...
  2. hlneumann

    What Exactly Is Nursing Fundamentals

    "Calculate With Confidence" is a great med math book... Just figure our which way you want to solve your problems - deminsional analysis, ratio /proportion, etc. (its all in the book).. and practice practice practice practice
  3. I agree.. canned power points don't cut it for me. It would be ok as "background" material, but if you read your book before the class, you'd just have to take notes on the material you didn't already absorb. My instructor (just completed 1st semester Nursing School) taught by power points that I could find from the publisher, however she did add her own personal insites gathered through her many years of experience. That should be how it's done. Power points are guides.. instructors need to add their experience for or against what our books say.
  4. hlneumann

    care plan help, please!

    Wow.. I was also looking for dx for my pt... he has SOB, and wasn't sure. Should have known Maslow would be mixed up in this!!! LOL
  5. hlneumann

    Is it to late for me to become a Nurse?

    I agree.. do what makes you happy. It doesn't seem like you won't like nursing, just may take a little to find your niche. You can go hundreds of ways once you're in. And being too old???? I'll be 58 when I graduate with my RN!
  6. hlneumann

    At what age did you decide on nursing?

    You're not kidding when you say it's harder as we get older. I'm starting my RN courses Monday, and I'll be 55 in October.
  7. hlneumann

    At what age did you decide on nursing?

    I took all the entrance exams and TEAS seemed easiest to me.. I have my nursing orientation today and my nursing classes starts next monday! FINALLY :hug:
  8. hlneumann

    At what age did you decide on nursing?

    I'll be 55 years young in October:yeah:and am finishing my A&PII class this summer so I can just do my nursing courses starting in the Fall! I have wanted to be a nurse since I was abut 12. Life, unfortunately, kept getting in my way. Now that my boys are grown (20 & 22), I'm doing this for me. My husband gets a little fustrated at the time it takes, but understands that once I graduate and get a job, he can slow down and possible retire! It's never too late to follow your heart!

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