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  1. Kimberlyjoy

    Nursing Survey!!

    Nursing Survey! 1. Why did you become a nurse? 2. Was it your decision or did your family want you to become a nurse? 3. Do you enjoy what you do? 4. What are some flaws to being a nurse? 5. Do you regret going into the medical field? 6. How long have you been a nurse? 7. Do you have any advice for youth that what to persue a career in the nursing? *just write the number and you answer thank you so much!
  2. Kimberlyjoy

    Whty do people become nurses?

    thank you so much for respnding to my question :)
  3. I am a senior in highschool and I will be going into pre-nursing my first year in college but of course I need to get my requirements out of the way. But I was wondering what is the most complicated thing about being a nurse because when I look at nurses they make the job look so easy and I know it isn't easy it is a hard job. Also another question I have is do you think the process of becoming a nurse is hard? Because I want to be a nurse but I want to hear what other nurses have to say. Like pearls of wisdom. Any advice you guys can give me would be nice so I am aware of what is coming ahead. Any kind of advice would be good.
  4. Kimberlyjoy

    Whty do people become nurses?

    thank you much for replying to my blog I really appericate it. HSPPY2LEARN your story really hit my heart. This is how i feel when i do community service with the elderly. it just warms my heart you feel good. THAT GUY keep doing your thing never give up
  5. Kimberlyjoy

    Whty do people become nurses?

    I am doing a research paper on nurses. And I am trying to figure out why people become nurses and why they choose to be in the medical field. I want to hear people's stories. Was it hard to become a nurse? At one point in the process of becoming a nurse did you want to give up. I need as much information as I can get :)

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