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I am engaged and have 2 children and 1 step daughter.

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  1. kdowdy

    ATI fundamentals!

    Thank you!
  2. kdowdy

    ATI fundamentals!

    Well I took the test and scored very well I ranked in the 99 percentile for the national average and in my class so I got all 5 of my points I am so excited and relieved. Thanks for the advice!
  3. kdowdy

    ATI fundamentals!

    Thanks alot! I did that I got like a 76 the first time and the second time after reviewing what it told me to I got a 100. I am just really nervous because all of us pretty much have studied for it the same way and some have done well and others not so well and the majority was not so well....I am just trying to relax and have faith in myself and my knowledge.
  4. kdowdy

    ATI fundamentals!

    hello I am actually completing my first year I am in a 2 year program thanks for your advice ill let ya know how I do!
  5. kdowdy

    ATI fundamentals!

    Aghhhhhhh! we are taking our ATI fundamentals in groups the first group went yesterday and omg it was not what was expected. some didnt even get any points from it. I am really scared I take mine tomorrow and I have studied what they studied, any suggestions?Has anyone else taken that test? Any helpful hints?
  6. kdowdy

    I really CANNOT believe it

    Congrats to you!!! I cant wait till I am were you are! good luck on your new journey!
  7. kdowdy

    online microbiology class

    New Mexico Junior college in Hobbs, NM that class is 4 hours and the lab is 1 it is like 300 tuition plus your book. Class starts may 24 NMJC.com is the website.
  8. kdowdy

    Need A Good Bag For School????

    I am finishing up my 1st year of nursing school and I have to say that I have gone through 2 carts on wheels is the best way to describe it lol. I had my books debound the first semester of school thinking that I would only have to carry my smaller and less heavy books and just take the sections we were doing over but as it turned out we didnt always stick to those sections....so I ended up taking the binder that my book is now in. 2nd semester we gained a few books and it got even harder to tote those so hence the 2 carts on wheels. A lot of my classmates have gone to hobby lobby and gotten the large scrapbooking totes on wheels and they have lasted and seemed to work. I will be picking one of those up soon as my 2nd cart is about to bite the dust lol....Good luck to you!

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