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  1. jocelynb

    LPN Hourly Wage Poll

    I live in rural west Tennessee . First job offered 16.50 in LTC. Just offered 18.50 for a PDC with 3 1/2 years experience .
  2. jocelynb

    Moving to Tennessee- info needed

    Assisted Living in Memphis generally start off at 18 to 19 an hour. Always more for LPN's in Private Duty sector. Check Craigslist and indeed.com . Good luck!
  3. jocelynb

    New to area and unsure of LPN Salary for Memphis area.

    Starting salary is around 19hr with little experience .
  4. jocelynb

    New to area and unsure of LPN Salary for Memphis area.

    Go on Craigslist for Memphis. Nursing homes and Assisted Living Facilities are always hiring L PNs.
  5. jocelynb

    25 yrs old with full time job

    You could try TCAT Practical Nursing program in Covington TN they have a 18 month program. You could still work and go to school.
  6. Take the math part again it will improve your chance if getting it.
  7. jocelynb

    Fortis College LPN-RN bridge program in Nashville.

    I'm in west tn I just looked at the reviews from the other states. But I have called for information.
  8. jocelynb

    Fortis College LPN-RN bridge program in Nashville.

    What are the entrance requirements? TEAS????
  9. jocelynb

    I failed my LVN boards. Gotta try again.

    There are many prep classes that you can take to help prepare you to pass the NCLEX-PN. I googled Live PN prep classes and found Sylvia Rayfield and Associates and attended their live review and passed on the first try. Good luck!
  10. jocelynb

    Are newly graduating LVN/LPN's finding jobs?

    I live in TN and I was able to find a job upon passing the NCLEX. There are jobs for LPNs. I actually had an interview the day before I took boards and the staffing coordinator told me I was hired as long as I passed my boards the next day.
  11. jocelynb

    Mercy School of Nursing SUMMER 2011 hopefuls!

    Has anyone ever applied to their LPN to RN program that starts every Fall?
  12. jocelynb

    Southwest Tn Community College

    Has anyone completed or currently in the LPN to RN program at Southwest?
  13. jocelynb

    Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

  14. jocelynb

    Pearson Vue Trick Works!!!

    Took my NCLEX-PN yesterday afternoon in Memphis, TN. The test cut off at 85 questions. Did the Pearson trick and got the good pop up. Waiting for tomorrow to see the "Unofficial Results" posted on their website. Pray for me! :sstrs:

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