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    How to become a nurse in Singapore?

    I'm a cathlab nurse here in SG. For anybody who wants to take the SNB licensure, you MUST be endorsed by a hospital here. Any one who wishes to apply can go to the different HR personally or better yet through internet. Just to remind you, all the latest are here but cost of living is really COSTLY!!!!
  2. My PD is September 18,2006,petititoned by an employer in Culver.Sadly,they are very quiet, no follow-ups,or even a final word "let's call it quits!".. After reading Mr.Jimmy Cruz' story,suddenly i felt scared. I have no one to turn to. Am i also "abandoned"? June of this month,I went to US embassy(i'm currently working here in SG) to file for a Tourist'S visa which they turned down beause according to the consul who interviewed me, i have a pending petition..i was very disappointed...though i explained as honestly as possible my real intention she still turned me down.If the so-called 'petitioner' will not petiton me anymore will it be forever tagged to my name..do i still have to wait?Since I still have less than a year ,can someone advise me what to do..mY NCLEX is also expiring December 2012...Thank you!

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