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  1. Haha, this is so ridiculous I can't even be offended. Who thinks "Wow, nursing has taught me so much about the human body that I think I'll sell mine." ? Although... I am going into the field for the versatility :) You can't blame her, she's just an actress. She lives in a fantasy world.
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    Thanks Reebles and Ro'smom for the responses :) It definitely eases my mind to know that a lot of people commute. (Oh that group mentality :) I was thinking about either taking BART or the trans-bay bus. Do we get any discounts on Bus fares for the trans-bay or the muni? I know if I take BART there's a free shuttle from there, which is sweet. With the trans-bay I'd take MUNI from downtown to the SFSU campus. I know the transportation is expensive but in my particular situation (which I won't bore you with) it's more cost effective to commute.
  3. jl11


    Hello, I just got into SFSU Nursing(!!) for fall 2010. I'm really excited and relieved to start so soon. Anyway, I live in Berkeley and I'm considering commuting instead of moving. It will probably take an hour and a half. Is this a terrible idea? To anyone who has taken the program, do you think it's possible to commute or will it be too much stress on top of the program? Also, are the clinicals all over the bay area? Do we get any choice in where we go for clinicals based on where we live? thanks

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