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    Any Ideas For Celebrating Nurses Week?

    On the same note; In observance of this monumental celebration Nurse should be reminded of the need to nurture their young and weaker members. Student nurses are the origin of the nursing profession. Please celebrate them by taking one strength you have and sharing it with a novice nurse or a student nurse. On this day I challenge you all to squash the myth that nurses eat their young.
  2. NanNurPhyl213

    Any Ideas For Celebrating Nurses Week?

    Nurses must celebrate themselves on a daily basis. When organizations do not we do so ourselves. Speak positively about your profession. Work diligently to become a non-expendable part of your organization. Help your profession to grow by keeping a visoin in your mind of what you know nursing should be. Lastly for the sake of heaven and earth if you are unhappy with the treatment of your organization please please find a place where you feel you are treated well and are happy. You owe this to yourself in the very least.:redpinkhe

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