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  1. Gemini85

    HELP! IV push calculation

    .25mg * 4 (since this will make 1mg) 1ml of saline per 0.25mg (we already know we have 4 "o.25mg" units) Therefore, 4ml of saline for the combined 1mg then take the 4ml/2 since they want u to administer it in 2 minutes. therefore 2ml/min
  2. Gemini85

    Cried at work today

    Great Story, I hope you find the same at your new job.
  3. Gemini85

    A quiz to help you choose your nursing specialty...

    Great Website..but im not sure if accurate...got hematology..Lol..i did a placement there..but it wasn't my favorite..too specialized
  4. Hello Here's some detail about myself before I start. -International Student from Canada -24 years old -Live in Brisbane at the moment -Have been in a brisbane uni for 2 years (in dec2010) -Of course..I'm studying to be a nurse and are in my last year of the BScN program. -Will have been in Australia for 2 years by the time I graduate (in Dec 2010) -Have a spouse who is currently here and is studying meds (also canadian) -I have calculated the PR points that i will have by the time i graduate and it equals 110, and i can get 120..if I get state sponsorship ---Now here are my questions... I want PR when i graduate so I can settle down here in Oz, but i have no idea..the best and fastest way to get there.. Sponsorship from a potential employer? (If possible, asked around at some public hospitals while on placement, they say that they taking aussies before they employ any internationals) So therefore I dunno the likelyhood of this happening..Any ideas anyone..??? Or do I start applying for PR since my points are over 100. If so, how early can i start applying? pOssibly before i graduate? Or do I have to wait till I get a degree to apply? Also, I wish to sponsor my husband..who is also looking for PR in order to make his chances greater at someday becoming a doc in oz, and hopefully getting residency here. Please any help is appreciated...thank you kindly, SK

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