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    CSU Fullerton Fall 2010 applicants?

    Hey, sorry I am not an applicant for the msn program at Csuf. I am in the first cohort of the EL-BSN program at Csuf. I was trying to find out how to get Fullertons email to work on my iPhone when I stumbled on this forum. I have no clue why I read the whole thing haha. But it brought me back memories of the anxiety and fear of applying. I saw that gashin says he/she doesn't want to cram for the RN. I hate to break it to you.. But we have had 2 msn students drop down to bsn because the msn program is so fast paced. EL-MSN students do all of their RN training in a year and a half...which is twice as fast as we get through the same RN curriculum. You then spend a year and a half working solely on the masters portion..and don't spend an hour reviewing your RN (or so I've been told) so it is has made many of the msn students nervous because they feel they are losing their skills (except for the few who are working as RNs in their last 18 months. I hope that helps a little bit with your decision. You all sound like you have awesome applications!!! Don't get down on yourself. Improve for next year. It's a sucky time to pursue nursing right now for everyone: for applicants, nursing students who want a job in a hospital, as well as new grads who are going up against 700 other applicants for 4 spots. Keep your chin up. This all will get better! (or that's what I keep telling myself when I hope and pray I will be hired next year once i graduate!!) good luck everyone!!

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