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  1. Fowldogg

    Nursing program at front range community college

    Its pretty easy. You have to do your pre reqs of course, and there is a 2 year wait list. Im currently going to Regis, as there is no waitlast.
  2. Summer classes are really easy, the teachers dont even want to be there. So they make the class load alot easier then if it was in the fall. And yes it will be much easier in the fall if you do it now.
  3. Fowldogg

    Micro, AP I, and Chem for fall

    No, Its not an overload. Keep in mind it depends how well you know Chem and Micro before going in. Even if you have zero knowlege you will have to put alot more time and effort in. I took Chem and Micro at the same time, and it really wasnt that bad. Just keep up with the work and the reading and you will be fine.
  4. Fowldogg

    OR Questions.

    Hello guys, I'm starting nursing school soon and wanted to hope into the OR and I had a couple of questions. How does one get into the OR? Do they hire new grads in the OR? I want to be come an RN first assistant, how many years of exp does this require? How is your day going =D

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