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  1. Kateo

    MCG Clinical Nurse Leader - Fall 2010

    I registered also. If you look at the detail schedule -- 6300, 6600 have not been assigned meeting times.. and 6700 has a "time conflict". I'm sure they'll work it out.
  2. Kateo

    MCG Clinical Nurse Leader - Fall 2010

    I am actually currently taking the remainder of my prereqs and am using my school's Student Health Services. It's way cheaper than a copay at a GP. I have had the hep series, so to get the titer is just $13, and to fill out the imm. form is an additional $5. Does anyone know what the time limit is on the hep b? My Firefighter friend thinks I may require a booster, as it's been several years since I've worked in the health field. Also, any luck on apartment hunts in Augusta? I am from there, but haven't lived there in 12 years. I was looking in Summerville and Olde Town. Someone also told me that N. Augusta is really nice and just across the bridge from Downtown ~ 5min or a nice bike ride to campus. Rent's CHEAP compared to Atlanta! I've even seen 2 Br. for less than $500.
  3. Kateo

    MCG Clinical Nurse Leader - Fall 2010

    Hey All -- I'm new to the site - man, what a great resource! I'll be attending the Augusta campus this fall and am trying to get all of my ducks in a row, so to speak. Has anyone uncovered the student ID dates on the PULSE? Also, are there any opinions about health insurance coverage through MCG or is anyone sticking with their current provider (I have BCBS)? Can't wait to meet everyone! Katie

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