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  1. xxhoops7609

    Navy or Army nursing

    Thank you everyone for the advice. I was researching army and navy. i really dont want to be on a ship I mean I would not mind it but I would like to be where the action is. I know with navy I will obviously be on a ship, but I want to see trauma and I am just confused ha. With the Army I know I will be in Iraq and I don't mind it at all. I would love seeing the soldiers as they were just wounded. But in the Navy, do they just take care of sailors or will other soldiers be on the ships too. I guess my question is like what kind of injuries will you see as a navy or army nurse.
  2. xxhoops7609

    Navy or Army nursing

    Hi my name is Melanie. I was thinking for a while I would love to join the Navy or the Army after school. I am one year into a nursing college and in 2013 I will have my B.S.N. I want to save lives and see the world. I was thinking the Navy because I do not know if I want to be on the front lines with the Army. Can any military nurses help me and tell me what training is like and what your part in the military is. Thank you!!

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