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    Thank you NICU Nurses

    As a new father in the NICU, and having been there for 40 days now with my 32 weeker, I feel both a special connection and rookie to all of this. My wife and I have been keeping a running tally of Patrick's progress through this whole ordeal, and wanted to take a second to thank all the nurses everywhere for all that they do. Good Evening to you all, Each week in this whole ordeal has been a new round of learning, stress, concern, delight, patience, and caring. Christy and I have learned to care for each other at a level I didn't think possible before this. The physicians, doctors, social workers, respiratory care, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and countless other doctors have helped to make this all possible. But the real miracle workers and true caregivers are the NICU nurses. At our hospital, they have been ridiculously wonderful. From the very first moment of walking into the NICU for me, I was literally taken by the hand to make sure I didn't slip on the floor as I was walking in to meet Patrick for the first time. When the nursing staff placed Patrick on Christy's chest for the first time, it was as if a light had been turned on. In this tough place, a little light for our celebration of life. Just yesterday I found a note in Patrick's chart noting the first time I got to hold the young man for the first time after a week of his being born. It had a smiley face next to the notation. They manage to be everywhere, taking care of everything, all the time, and equally out of the way to ensure we have some privacy in this sensitive time. We had an especially tough day on Saturday, and the nurse clued into this almost immediately. She sat down and took extra time to make sure we understood what was going on, and how it was helping Patrick to be here. To be here, is to recognize the difficult, challenging, and rewarding work these folks do. They are simultaneously on the front lines, and behind the scenes. So if you are out there please know we are thinking of you as you help us take care of our little one. A special thanks to nurses that have so gently touched our hearts: Kathleen, Beth, Maryanne, Charlie, Jennifer(s), Becky, Patsy, Eileen, Kim. And these are only the ones we can remember by name. There are many more faces, kind words, reassuring educators, and sincere touches that have meant to much to Christy and me. There have been so many nurses for the past 40 days, it's hard to remember the names of all those that have helped. A thank you to all the nurses everywhere. It is because of you, a challenging time is made that much easier. Thank you, Andy For more information you are welcome to visit our details at linnbaby.blogspot.com

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