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  1. LaciWright

    About to begin an LPN program

    As told to us in my LPN course, an LPN is most likely to be employed by a skilled long-term facility such as a nursing home, but there are of course oppurtunities in other areas you just have to look around. Once you receive your books for school it is a very smart idea to get to looking over your pharmacology text ahead of time. But I will tell you one of the most IMPORTANT things you will learn "Do not doubt yourself, don't give up, remind yourself often why you are doing it and definitely find a support system" Good luck with any choices you make
  2. LaciWright

    Throw it on the floor?!

    A trash bag is usually what I use but as someone else stated with a bed bath or something like a full bed change I tend to bring a bath blanket in with me and toss the dirty linen on top of the clean bath blanket and them wrap all the dirty things tight and set by door so I can unglove and go to the hall for a linen bin

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