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    New Hospice LPN needs help

    My agency taught me, that we always chart to the decline. So if you see a pt who is bright and alert that particular day, also include that this is the first time in the past 3 days or that the alert day is an exception to the pts norm. The other phrase they also refer to with charting is "why hospice, why now", to show the need for hospice services and what is going on to show the 'now'. IE: Ms. Smith ate 75% of two meals today, continues with weight decrease r/t usual intake of less than 25%.
  2. abbeyscottage

    Weekend Hospice Nurse

    I currently work as a hospice nurse. A portion of my schedule is during the week and then I work on-call every other weekend from 5pm Friday until 8am Monday. My question is : For those of you who work a weekend call schedule...how many hours are you expected to work and travel from pt to pt? Is there a limit set by your company that requires you to stop and sleep and call someone else? Recently I left my home at 2pm on Friday and returned home by midnight. On Saturday morning recieved a call at 4;30 am and didn't get back home for 24hrs and then called out 3 hours later. The area that I work in is pretty wide open spaces, and it may be nearly 100miles to get to a pt. Just need your feed back!! When you need help, who do you call, and do you quickly have someone available to assist (IE: 2-3 pts actively dying at the same time)?

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