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  1. Carriexg

    FIU Fall 2011

    Hi everyone! congrats on getting accepted!!! I'm currently looking to FIU's nursing program and was wondering- what is your GPA that you were accepted with?
  2. Carriexg

    Nova Southeastern Fall 2011

    hi! i'm applying to the kendal campus this fall to hopefully start jan 2012! what was your gpa? also do you have your bachelors in something else? congrats!
  3. Carriexg

    University of Miami Traditional BSN

    hi, just wondering, were you accepted? if so, what was your gpa? and how many people others were accepted?
  4. Carriexg

    FIU BSN admission

    Hi, I am interested in applying next year to FIU's BSN program. I have my associates now and have all the prereqs except for the two that need to be taken at FIU itself... I was wondering if anyone has any info on what exactly FIU accepts regarding GPA (not the minimum, but what kind of students are they actually accepting?)... Any other information about the program would be great also..
  5. Carriexg

    Barry University

    Hi! I am thinking about applying to Barry for the Generic BSN program. I was wondering if you could give me any information on admissions? Is it really competitive to get in? And what kind of GPA did you have when you got accepted?
  6. Carriexg

    Broward College Central Campus January 2011

    Yep :) I finished the packet and found the questions and answers pretty straight forward compared to her questions in class too, I'm hoping it'll be like the packet. Good luck!
  7. Carriexg

    Broward College Central Campus January 2011

    hey alison, did ms. berger say that if we can do that packet that we should do fine on the math test?
  8. Carriexg

    Broward College Central Campus January 2011

    Handwashing 175, protective person equipment 189, sterile field 192, sterile gloving 197, safe transfer techniques 205, moving and positioning patient in bed 216, applying elastic stockings and SDC's 243, bathing and personal hygiene 425, oral hygiene 436, mouth care for unconscious patient 441. We must do 6/10 of them tomorrow, doesn't matter which ones. Oh by the way the # after the task is the page number in our perry and potter clinical book :)
  9. Carriexg

    Broward College Central Campus January 2011

    is anyone buying their books online or just not at the bookstore? I know in the bookstore some of the books come with CDS, however im not finding them on amazon with the CDS? does this matter? does anyone know if we need the cds?
  10. Carriexg

    Broward College Central Campus January 2011

    So i have a question hopefully someone can help me with... I had to relocate to Miami and i'm registered at the Central Campus, does anyone know who i could contact to maybe transfer to south before the semester starts? If i can't go to south obviously i will just drive up to central campus, but if there is a chance to transfer now i'm going to try to take it. Thanks
  11. Carriexg

    FIU Nursing admission requirements

    Hi! I can't find the FIU prereqs! I was wondering if you knew them or know where to find them online?
  12. Carriexg

    Broward College January 2011

    hey did you ever figure out what the central book list was?
  13. Carriexg

    Broward College Central Campus January 2011

    Thanks for your help! I'm calling tomorrow to verify these things as well, but if do you know the order please get back to me so I can be 100% sure. Thanks again!
  14. Carriexg

    Broward College Central Campus January 2011

    I'm having a little difficulty putting my folder together for central campus, please help if you can. 1. For the submission folder: originals are- Physical, background check, finger prints and drug test paper. Copys are: CEUS/CPR/LICENSES ( if you have a waiver)? Also how are we supposed to turn them in? Like a 3 ring binder or in a plain little folder paperclipped together? Also if anyone has a waiver- I have a licence and a waiver but I've never worked before and central is asking for a "letter on official letter-head paper proving I've worked. I've never worked with my licence though, will that be an issue? Also, can I turn my folder in on a Friday? Thanks!
  15. Carriexg

    Broward College Central Campus January 2011

    hi everyone! i know this is way off topic for here, but i am attending broward college central campus in jan and I'm moving down south from west palm beach. i'm looking for a roommate around my age ( i'm 20, and it would be cool if they were in the nursing program too so thats why im posting it here) so if you or anyone you know needs a room please let me know!! thanks
  16. Carriexg

    Broward College August 2010

    congrats on everyone in for jan! i'll be seeing all of you soon! i'm trying to make a network on facebook for the nursing students at broward.. i think i need 10 others to suggest it to make it happen, so if you want to help!... go here: http://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=add_work name of employer: broward college nursing email address supplied to you by your employer: your bc email work's website: broward.edu

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