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    Pregnant in Nursing School....

    i am really glad i found this thread. i am just about to finish my first semester (out of 6) of a bsn program and recently found out i am pregnant. i can completely relate to seeing those "2 lines" and for just a moment thinking, and hoping, that meant the test was negative. well, a visit to my ob confirmed the validity of those 2 pink lines...i'm 8 weeks along. i have been feeling really torn about what to do. school aside, from an outsider's perspective it seems like the "right" time (i've been happily married for 6 years and we do not have any children). my husband and i are certainly not getting any younger, yet i just can't help but feeling disappointed -- i was absolutely not trying to get pregnant (to the contrary, i took all the precautions to protect against it). is it wrong for me to feel this way? has anyone else considered terminating a pregnancy just because the timing wasn't right? i realize that i sound completely selfish here, but i can't shake the feeling that i just don't want this. i have a plan and goals that i am determined to reach...i just don't know how they are going to be possible with a baby, especially one that i am not feeling all that happy about.

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