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  1. Topaz4602

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    Lilbearzmom, It's my first ever certification too, it's so exciting isn't it! Congrats to you, and to everyone else that has passed recently!! Yaaay us!!!! :anpom:
  2. Topaz4602

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    It's been ages since I've posted anything here, but I've been reading alot of the messages. My class finished back in June, and due to scheduling I just took my test in September. I just got my results today and I PASSED!!! Yaay!! I'm sooooo excited. And now the real fun starts...hopefully nursing school will be following real soon.
  3. Topaz4602

    Learning sooo much

    Hi everyone, just an update. This is the second week of the free course I got into recently. I'm learning soooo sooo much it's unreal. We've done tons of check-offs already and next week we start our clinicals. I'm sooooo nervous about clinicals!!! But on the other hand, I can't wait too. Even though it has just started, it seems it's going by so quickly at the same time. Anyway, I need to go now. I'll check in later about how clinicals are going. Ta-ta!! :)
  4. Topaz4602

    I passed my cna class!!

    Woooo hooooo...CONGRATS!!! :ancong!:
  5. Topaz4602

    Good vibes, juju, voodoo requested

    Sending good vibes as well!! Keep us posted WHEN you hear YOU GOT IT!!!
  6. Topaz4602

    Just got the call....

    Hi I just found out that I got into the free SRNA class that I interviewed for Wednesday. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Classes start Monday!! Yaaay me!!!! now.....just what have I gotten myself into?!?!?! :smackingf ....heeheheheheh stay tuned......
  7. Topaz4602

    Interview over..now the hard part

    Hi. I just got home from the free class interview. It went well, we took a math test, then whoever passed got to interview. I passed the math, went through the interview and now the wait begins. I will find out this Friday if I get chosen for the class. The lady said they're only choosing 20 people for this round of classes, so if someone passes the math but is still not chosen, there is another round of classes starting in July. I hope I get chosen for this first round. I can't believe I happened upon this opportunity, the course is free, they even take care of the TB test and background checks, students only have to supply scrubs, shoes and watch w/second hand, then of course the state test, but they don't require you work for their facility at all. I was kind of disappointed with that, I was kind of looking forward to the experience I would gain. But at least the course is free! That's all that matters at this point. Keep fingers crossed...hope my phone rings Friday...Oh then classes start this Monday is chosen...talk about fast...I like that though, no thinking, "what am I doing?" although I've kind of thought that already...eheheheh
  8. Topaz4602

    Interview for free classes

    Thanks MattieMiranda, that does help alot. I'll find out tomorrow...I get so nervous at the word, "interview" it's paralyzing..heeheh Thanks again, I have to go meditate and get myself ready...ehehehe
  9. Topaz4602

    Interview for free classes

    Hi all! I've been a lurker just for a little while, and am making a career change, although not really...I have medical experience from the past about 5 years worth until I got "side-tracked" and got into the legal field, now unemployed from legal and very much wanting to re-enter the medical field. So, am getting back on track and taking the first steps to NS. Anyhoo, I am attending an "interview" for free cna classes this Wednesday sponsored by a local LTC facility. What should I expect? What should I take along with me? I am both very nervous and excited for this change, or getting back to doing something I enjoyed so much, but I have only worked in private doctors offices, so very nervous about the cna role, but just reading through the messages on here, makes me know that I'm doing the right thing. Thanks much in advance!

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