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  1. Merricks

    Nclex PN Exam

    Hi I aa new!:) does anyone have any pointers for the Nclex PN exam that has recently taken it? I will be taking mine in July after I graduate in June, and was wondering how was it and what is the best book to study that gives you the rationales and why the answer is correct and incorrect, alon with a cd!
  2. Merricks

    NCLEX PN in 1 week

    Hi I am getting ready to graduate in june of this year and I feel you on that! Im trying to find out what is the best book to study from. I have very bad test anxiety and I need a book that explains things well and give the rationales for why the answer is correct and incorrect.
  3. Hi I am almost done with my LPN program and I am trying to find out what book is the best to study for the nclex-pn exam with. I need a book that has good rationales for the correct and incorrect answers, a cd with the questions set up like the nclex and sample tests and something that is not hard to follow! Can anyone help. I am a person that has test anxiety! I am in columbus ohio and would like to know if anyone here has taken the exam recently and would like to share how difficult it was.:) Thank You!

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