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MackyMic's Latest Activity

  1. MackyMic

    UIC GEP 2011 Cohort

    Has anyone else received something from the Adult/Geriatric NP specialty? I'm still waiting...
  2. MackyMic

    UIC GEP 2011 Cohort

    I applied for adult/geriatric NP as well...still no news! I was really hoping we'd know by today! Congrats to all who have heard!!!! How exciting!
  3. MackyMic

    UIC GEP 2011 Cohort

    I applied to the Adult/Geriatric specialty, and still have not heard anything yet! I have a strong feeling that I will not be accepted, but I want to know for sure so that I can plan my life! I am really hoping that we hear something today!

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