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  1. courtneylane42

    Carson Newman Fall 2010?

    Ok got it. For some reason I can't email...I don't think I have enough posts yet. Oh, I had no idea clinicals would be all over the place! So maybe I could still go to C-N and not waste money on rent, and do clinicals in Knoxville like you. Hmm so that recruiter did say BSN may become the new standard? What is ADN..is that another name for associates? Thats good you've taken TEAS already...I am having to study for it and also my finals now and I am so stressed! No, I don't know anyone personally who completed the LMU program, unfortunately. And since this is a new program I would be in...no one really knows how it's going to be anyway...
  2. courtneylane42

    Carson Newman Fall 2010?

    Haha it is so difficult! Ok so you applied to those others...those are all A.S.N programs aren't they? You are difinitely right...the B.S. direction is best, I think. No, I didn't apply to those because I'm only interested in a BSN because I've already been at Pellissippi for two years. I want to keep going to school after I'm an RN too. I know, on this site many people don't have good things to say about LMU. I applied to C-N, LMU, ETSU and thought about King, but King College hasn't even started nursing apps yet! So you are planning on commuting to C-N? I live in Maryville and figured it'd be best to get a house/apmt if I did go there. LMU is sounding good to me though because they are starting their first ever BSN program in Knoxville this fall. Many professors/advisors have told me the staff and program at C-N are very, very respected, however...and getting a great job after graduating from their program is so easy! I'm thinking C-N may be worth it to pay rent for a couple of years...especially if the teachers and program are as great as everyone's saying. Have you gone and taken the TEAS exam yet? I am going on Friday.
  3. courtneylane42

    Carson Newman Fall 2010?

    I have been accepted too! I have also been accepted to Lincoln Memorial nursing (BSN) and really don't know which school to go to...im having a really hard time deciding. Why did you decide on CN?

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